Mailing Addresses and Email

Mailing Addresses and Phone Numbers

Tay House routinely sends letters and announcments to families via postal mail and patrol leaders are asked to call all of their scouts every week.  If you have recently moved, or the address or phone number printed in the troop roster is incorrect, please send the corrections to the Communications department.


While official and important announcements are always made by postal mail or telephone, the troop maintains several email mailing lists to which we send reminders, follow-ups, and announcements of lesser importance. These messages can be identified by the presence of "[Tay House]" in the subject line.

Please ensure that the email address(es) listed on the roster are correct and send changes to the Communications department. If you would like to receive mail at any additional addresses besides the ones printed in the roster,  please send those addresses to the Webmaster.


The Communications department maintains a roster of all scouts, parents, staff, and friends of the troop.  This is shared with the troop, generally by email, several times a year as changes occur. To request a copy of the roster, either by email or in printed form, please contact the Communications department.