Functional Duties of the Patrol Leader

  1. Monday Meetings
    1. Week Before
      1. Review last week's Leader's meeting notes for self.
      2. Call each boy to verify attendance, rides for meetings, and to inform of any differences form normal, such as uniforms or materials.
      3. Bring Pencil, pad, and inspection sheets with you.
      4. Prepare any reports or outlooks needed.
      5. Arrange for a sub if you can't make it. (APL or other if necessary)
    2. Evening - at the cabin
      1. Get boys together in Patrol room for pre-inspection uniform and attendance check. Check for:
        1. Attendance
        2. Neat uniforms
        3. Proper shoes
        4. All pins and patches
        5. Socks pulled up and folded over
        6. Brass on brass
        7. Properly rolled neckerchiefs
      2. Duty Patrol - before
        1. Be at cabin 10-15 minutes early
        2. Take out and set up flags
      3. Opening Ceremony
        1. Patrol in line
        2. Everyone at attention
        3. Have inspection sheet ready when SLs come to inspect. (this means you should already have the attendance part filled out)
        4. P.L. may turn to watch SPL during inspection
        5. Be prepared to turn in Inspection sheet and any reports soon after going to patrol rooms.
      4. Maintain discipline throughout meeting
      5. Leader's Meeting
        1. Get in on time, and be ready to write
        2. All P.L.s together
        3. Take note of all announcements
        4. Speak up if you have anything to add
      6. Duty Patrol - after
        1. close and lock shutters
        2. take down flags and set near back room door
        3. check to make sure all patrol rooms are locked
  2. Camp Outs
    1. Before Camp out
      1. Call each scout in patrol to verify attendance and information
      2. Arrange car pool for all scouts in patrol, both there and back
      3. Set up menu and shop for supplies
      4. Pick up equipment and distribute as needed
      5. Arrange for Sub for any time you are unable to be there.
    2. During Camp out
      1. Supervise scouts at all times
      2. Delegate camp duties and teach new scouts how to do them
      3. Supervise set up and take down of camp site
      4. Assist SPL in maintaining discipline during program
      5. Coordinate a song, skit, and cheer for Saturday campfire
      6. Turn in all inspection sheets before leaving
      7. Stick around until all members of patrol have been picked up
    3. After Camp out
      1. Insure that all equipment is taken from site and delegate scouts to take it all home
      2. Verify that scouts are cleaning equipment before it is returned
      3. Insure that all equipment is returned to the cabin in a timely fashion.(by second meeting after campout)
      4. Turn in shopping receipt for reimbursement
  3. Patrol Meeting Nights (Minimum of 5/year)
    1. Call each boy to remind him ahead of time.
    2. Start meeting on time
    3. Cover the program you planned
    4. End on time
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. Rides - Arrange Car-pools for Monday meetings, hikes, and any other outings.
    2. Delegate authority to A.P.L. Inform him if you cannot be at meetings Be sure to inform him of anything from previous leader's meeting Be sure he attends leaders meeting and get his notes
    3. Teaching
      1. P.L.s are the first teachers of new scouts.
      2. Delegate to qualified patrol members
    4. Maintain Discipline at all times. Misbehavior in your patrol reflects badly on you.