Massawepie Scout Camp

Massawepie Scout Camps is a 3,769 acre scout reservation located near Tupper Lake, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks.  It is owned and operated by Seneca Waterways Council.

Every summer, Tay House scouts have the opertunity to spend up to two weeks at Massawepie. While there, scouts can hike, swim, sail, mountain bike, shoot shotguns and rifles, and participate in a variety of inter-troop activities, and meet scouts from all across the Northeast.

Tay House generally attends Massawepie for the second and third or fourth and fifth camp weeks, in mid-July to early-August. Scouts have the option to attend one or both weeks.  We recommend that first-year scouts attend only one week.

Ther are excellent advancement opertunities at Massawepie, with several merit badge programs offered each week.  In addition, the Trailblazer program helps new scouts get a good start on the trail to Eagle and Mountain Fox gives older scouts the opertunity to participate in fun, challenging adventures that aren't possible in the city.

Round-trip bus transportation is available for scouts attending both weeks. One week scouts must arrange separate transportation for the middle weekend.  Massawepie is about five hours from Rochester.

Specific details about the dates and costs are generally made available at the February Court of Honor.

Health History

The Boy Scouts of America requires a health history form, signed by a physician, be submitted for any Scouting activity lasting longer than 72 hours. Effective January 1, 2010, BSA requires the Annual Health and Medical Record form from all activity participants, youth or adult.  A new phyical exam is now required each year.

Please note: The Annual Health and Medical Record replaces the Class I, II, and III medical record forms previously used for BSA activities. These forms will no longer be accepted.

Additional Forms

In addition to the health history forms listed above, the following forms may also be required:

Personal Equipment

Please use the Massawepie Personal Equipment Checklist as a guide to packing for camp.

Merit Badges

Massawepie provides scouts with the chance to earn several merit badges each week, many of which are difficult to earn in Rochester.

The troop will work with each scout individually prior to camp to pre-register the scout for merit badge classes at camp. This is done to ensure that each scout attempts merit badges that are appropriate for his skill level and current advancement needs.

It is generally possible for the scout to complete most merit badges at camp, though several require the scout to complete and bring to camp several prerequisite requirements, which are identified in the document below:

  • Merit Badge Prerequisites - 2009 Note: The 2009 merit badge prerequisites are listed here for reference purposes only and may change for 2010. As soon as we receive an updated list from council we will update this link.

Scouts who are not able to complete merit badge requirements at camp will be issued partials. It then becomes the scout's responsibility to complete the missing requirements and to contact a local merit badge counselor for final sign-off. Please refer to our Merit Badges page for further details.