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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019

Philosophy & Organization

The underlying philosophy of Tay House is to create an environment in which our young men may develop “leadership through experience.” The scouts, with the guidance and experience of experienced adult leaders (the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters) run the troop. As you might expect, things do not always run prefectly with this approach. Mistakes and miscommunications sometimes occur, but they are viewed as part of the learning process. The troop strives to provide a nurturing environment in which scouts can learn and model leadership and responsibility from their experiences. For older scouts this system provides meaningful leadership opertunities and a chance to provide guidance to younger scouts.

The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are experienced adult leaders that motivate and guide the scouts. Many of these men are Tay House alumni or volunteers who were previously scouts with other troops. Scoutmasters do not have sons in the troop. They work with the youth leaders (advaned Boy Scouts in leadership roles) to make the troop run smoothly.

Youth leaders are elected to positions of leadership based on merit. Leadership nominations are open monthly. This does not necessarily mean that positions change each month, rather the opportunity to recognize scouts' ongoing leadership accomplishments is available each month. Elected positions include Patrol Leader, Junior Leader, Senior Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader. A minimum rank of First Class is required to hold an elected position.

Parents and friends of the troop (including past scouts and parents of past scouts) participate in the Troop Committee. The committee is the troop's board of directors and provides support related to fundraising, advancement, and recruitment of new scouts. It oversees the running of the troop, the Christmas Tree and Wreath sales (November and Decemeber), the chili luncheon (November), and Courts-of-Honor (October, February, and June). It also hosts the Court-of-Honor dinner (February) and get-togethers for parents and staff (January and June).