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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019

Distinguished Eagle Scouts

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award is an award given by the Boy Scouts of America to recognize Eagle Scouts who have extraordinarily distinguished themselves in their communities and careers. It is the only adult award given by the BSA that is dependent on prior achievement as a scout.

Recipients are selected from nominations by a national selection committee. To be eligible for nomination, a candidate must have been awarded Eagle Scout a minimum of 25 years prior. The award consists of a gold eagle pendant suspended from a red, white, and blue ribbon that is worn around the neck. Recipients may also wear a gold eagle pin over the Eagle Scout square knot on above the left pocket of their uniform.

Fewer than 2500 Distinguished Eagle Scout awards have been presented since the award was created in 1969. We are aware of four Tay House Eagles who have received this prestigious award.

  • William Maxion
    Eagle Scout 1934
    Distinguished Eagle Scout 1974
  • Alexander Beebee
    Eagle Scout 1938
    Distinguished Eagle Scout 1983
  • Louis Langie
    Eagle Scout 1945
    Distinguished Eagle Scout 1975
  • Thomas Richards
    Eagle Scout 1959
    Distinguished Eagle Scout 1998