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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019


There are many costs involved with running a high-quality Scouting program like the one Tay House offers its scouts. To help offset these costs, we conduct two fundraising activities each year: a Christmas tree sale and a holiday wreath sale. Due to the ongoing success of these two fundraisers, Tay House is able to provide most of our program activities at little or no cost to our scouts.

The success of our fundraising is dependent on the support and cooperation of all of our scouts and families. This section outlines what to expect from out fundraising efforts and the troop's participation expectations.

Christmas Tree Sale

The troop's Christmas tree sale dates back to 1951. For many years, this was the troop's only fundraiser. The sale is currently held on the Asbury First Methodist Church campus at the corner of East Ave and Granger Place. We sell a variety of locally-grown premium quality Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes.

The tree sale runs each year from the Saturday after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve, or until we sell out of trees. Scouts and parents are asked to work a set number of 2.5 hour shifts during the sale. The actual number of shifts varies based on the size of the troop and the length of the sale each year and is announced in October when shift signups are opened.

The troop meets at the tree lot on the morning of the first Saturday of the sale to set up the lot, all scouts and parents are expected to attend. Those who are not available on Saturday will be asked to work an additional shift on the lot.

Holiday Wreath Sale

The holiday wreath sale was started in 2007 when the troop was unable to hold a tree sale. The sale proved a success, and so it was continued, even once the tree sale returned at it's current location.

Scouts take orders for 20-inch wreaths made from a unique blend of balsam fir (short needles) and white pine (long needels). Wreaths include pine cone decorations and a large red bow.

The sale opens in late October each year and continues for about three weeks. Scouts should turn in their orders each Monday during the troop meeting. For each sale a scout makes, a portion of the proceeds is added to his scout bank. After he completes his required shifts at the tree sale that money becomes available to him to help offset the cost of Scouting-related activities, such as Massawepie, Algonquin, Philmont, or national or world jamborees, or troop expenses such as dues. There are also special incentives for scouts who meet certain sales goals, including gift cards and other prizes.

Wreaths are assembled by the troop on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Scouts then deliver the wreaths to their customers throughout the following week. If you are unable to attend the assembly, please make arrangements with another family to take your wreaths for you, as we are unable to store them.

Setup and Chili Lunch

The troop holds the tree lot setup and wreath assembly on the morning of the fist Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. All scouts and at least one parent or other adult is expected to attend. Scouts and parents who are out of town for the holiday will be asked to work an additional tree lot shift.

During the setup, the troop will be split with roughly half of the participants helping to set up the tree lot and the rest assembling wreaths inside the church. Since it is not known where you will be needed until the day of the event, we recommend that every dress in layers so that you can easily adjust your comfort to the activity to which you are assigned.

Setup and assembly generally take until about noon. Once completed, the troop enjoys a chili lunch prepared by members of the troop's parents committee.