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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019

Tay House Uniform

The Tay House Class "A" uniform is worn for most troop events including weekly meetings and out-of-cabin trips.  Components of the uniform can be purchased at either of the Seneca Waterways Council Scout Shops or online at  The troop also maintains a collection of gently used uniform components that have been donated by scouts that have outgrown them that are offered at a discount.  Please contact the parent's committee chair for more information.

Please note that the Tay House uniform deviates slightly from the standard BSA uniform.  Only the items listed here should be purchased.

  • Short-sleeve uniform shirt
  • Scout shorts or  "Switchbacks" pants with legs removed*
  • Seneca Waterways Council shoulder strip
  • Tay House troop patch (provided by troop, worn in lieu of of standard troop numerals)
  • Tay House neckerchief (provided by troop)
  • World-crest emblem
  • Patrol emblem for scouts assigned to a patrol
  • Badge (or pin) of rank (provided by troop)
  • Scouts who earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts may wear that emblem on their Boy Scout uniform
  • Leadership emblem for scouts holding leadership office (provided by troop)
  • Scout socks
  • Scout belt
  • Hiking boots or leather shoes (no sneakers)
In addition, all scouts are required to have a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook and should have it with them at all cabin meetings and campouts.
*As per tradition, Tay House scouts wear shorts with the uniform year round.  With recent uniform changes, BSA switched from offering uniform shorts to the new "Switchbacks" pants with zip-off legs.  In keeping with tradition, scouts should not use the leg portions of the pants with their official uniform.

Class "B" Uniform

For certain events, such as gym night or a certain times while touring, scouts will be instructed to wear the Class "B" uniform.  This uniform consists of the following:

  • Plain white or Scouting-themed t-shirt
  • Scout shorts/Switchbacks pants with legs removed
  • Scout belt
  • Scout socks
  • Sneakers

Campouts and Touring

When touring historic places, such as Gettysburg, Boston, or Washington, DC, the Class "A" uniform is generally worn for travel and while visiting landmarks.  Scouts may be instructed to wear Class "B" for certain activities during these events.  Full details on how to dress for these events will be provided prior to the event.

For regular campouts and hikes there is generally no dress code unless one is specifically stated in the announcements before the event. Scouts should dress for the weather and for personal comfort, using our camping equipment lists as a guide.