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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019

Responsibilities of the Parents

Uniform and Equipment

Parents are expected to provide their scouts with complete Class A and Class B uniform and appropriate clothing and equipment for overnight campouts. Please see the typical hike equipment list in the next section and talk to the scoutmasters about sources for these items. Comfortable clothing, appropriate to the seasonal weather is essential for an enjoyable and safe campout.


Parents are asked to cooperate with other parents and scouts by sharing transportation to and from campouts. Demonstrate that you value others time by helping your scout to arrive at the specified time.

Patrol leaders are expeceted to arrange transportation for their patrol members prior to the start of a campout so that no parent needs to drive to a campout location more than once.


Parents are expected to provide support and encouragement to their scouts by attending Courts of Honor. In addition, parents are strongly encouraged to participant in parent-scout campouts.

Troop Committee

Parents are encouraged to participate in the monthly troop committee meetings, and to provide feedback to the troop leaders in person or by phone. Parents are also encouraged to provide help toward other troop functions such as the chili lunch, the February court of honor dinner, or one of the troop committee subcommittees.


Parents are asked to fulfill their expected shifts at the tree sale and to support thier sons in reaching their sons' wreath sale goals.