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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019

Dues & Payments

Scout Dues

Scout dues are used to cover the cost of campouts. The troop's finance committee determines the cost of dues at the start of each scouting year and dues are collected in September. Dues may be paid in cash, by check, or using the funds in a scout's bank.

Families experiencing financial hardship should speak with the Scoutmaster. Payment plans and other assistance may be available.

To assist us in accurately accounting for dues payments, please submit a Form for Scout Money Transactions and/or Scout Bank Disbursement Request with all payments or requests.

Making Payments

Throughout the year, the troop collects payments for many things including dues, summer camp, and special activities. Scouts can bring these payments with them to Monday night meetings and a staff member or leader will collect them during patrol meetings.

To ensure that we account for all payments correctly, we ask that you submit the Form for Scout Money Transactions with all cash or check payments. Please complete both the top and bottom halves of the form and return the entire sheet with your payment. The troop will sign the bottom half of the form and return it to the scout as a receipt.

Scout Banks

For each wreath a scout sells during our Holiday Wreath Sale, he receives a credit to an account that he can use toward any troop or scouting-related expenses. In order to gain access to these funds, the scout must have worked all of his required hours at the Christmas Tree Sale.

Scouting-related expenses include the following:

  • Tay House dues
  • Summer scout activities (Massawepie, Algonquin, Philmont, etc.)
  • Scout trips (including spring trips, Western Adventures, etc.)
  • National and World Jamborees
  • Eagle project expenses or expenses from other scout service projects
  • Costs to attend Merit Badge Universities and other council or district activities
  • Other scout-related activities with the approval of the treasurer or finance committee

To request the disbursement of funds from a scout's bank, please submit a Scout Bank Disbursement Request to the scoutmaster coordinating the activity for which the funds will be used. Please see the troop treasurer to inquire about the balance on your account.

Any funds remaining in a scout&s bank when he leaves the troop will revert to the troop's general fund.

Expense Reimbursement

When scouts or families make purchases on behalf of the troop, such as when a patrol leader purchases his patrol's food for a campout, receipts can be submitted for reimbursement.

To receive reimbursement, please fill out a Check Request Form. For each receipt being submitted, make a brief note about the nature of the expense (i.e. "Wegmans - Flaming Arrow Patrol food for Jaunary campout"), along with the total spent. Add up all of the receipts and write the total reimbursement being requested in the space at the bottom of the form. Then staple the receipts to the form and turn everything in to the scoutmaster responsible for the applicable department or activity.

The treasurer will issue a check for the amount being reimbursed. Checks covering the cost of campiut food will be held until all of the patrol's troop-issued camoing gear has been returned.