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A Century of Local Scouting 1919-2019
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Care of Troop Equipment

Equipment sent home with scouts after a campout should be thoroughly cleaned and returned to the next cabin meeting. Tents should be aired out and returned to the cabin one week later. Below are some suggested care instructions.

Please do not return equipment to out-of-cabin meetings.


Tents should be unrolled and allowed to fully dry. Tents that are packed away while still wet will grow mildew and have to be discarded. The troop pays around $400 each for the tents that we use. With proper care, however, these tents give us many years of use.

The easiest way to dry a tent is to hang it from the ceiling of a basement or garage for a day or two. While unrolled, the tent should be checked for any rips, tears, broken zippers, or missing pieces. If any are found, note them on a piece of paper and attach it to the outside of the bag.

Tents should be returned one-week after a campout to allow adequate time to dry. Please do not return tests to the first meeting after a campout.

Cook Kits

Aluminum cook kits should be thouroughly cleaned. Use steel wool to remove as much soot from the outside of the pots as possible and be sure any food residue has been removed. Dry and restack the pots and lids and return the cook kit to the cabin on Monday.

Utensil Kits

Utensil kits should be thoroughly washed and returned to their nylon carrier. Most utensils are dishwasher safe, however utensils made of wood or with wooden handles should be hand washed. Return the utensil kit to the cabin on Monday.

Dutch Ovens and Cast-Iron Griddles

Soap should never be used on cast-iron cookware. Instead, use soap free steel wool (note that SOS/Brillo pads contain soap) or other scouring pads to remove any remaining food residue and, if possible, rust. Return to the cabin on Monday.

Water Jugs

Place one or two capfuls (or about 2-3 tablespoons) of chlorine bleach into the jug and fill about half- to two-thirds full with water. Shake the jug to mix thoroughly and empty. Rince thoroughly and leave cap the off to allow the jug to dry. Return the jug to the cabin on Monday–it does not need to be fully dry.